Project Third Quest Trailer #1


6 thoughts on “Project Third Quest Trailer #1

  1. Ah. There finally is an update for this site! Renovated as well. Thank you for your hard work!
    The only thing that does concern me is that I see that the work of the creator of “The Sheikah’s Apprentice” is not in here. I can not remember his name at this point, but it is a bit saddening to see it disappear as such. But I hope it will return soon as much as I want to hope for more designers to join the 3rd Quest to showcase their works as well. Thank you for what you have been doing for us, Spire, CDi-Fails, and the rest of the 3rd quest team! May the future be promising for both your team and us as well!

    • This site will serve as a host for Project 3Q content alone (unless some special exception comes up, or we promote something else.)

      • Ah. I see. A little saddening from the original idea, but I can understand. Nonetheless, I hope to see some promising work in the future. The only thing I worry about is if your team is… Well, as formulated as the Ura Project’s team. But I hope it will not be the case. I hope for a good future for this site and its project!

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