Patch 1.0 Teaser & Update on Site

To show off one of the major upcoming maps, we’ve created a short teaser. Although it does not include much content, progress is underway!

In other news, our blog has been updated and will now serve as a hub for all the new content we’ll be releasing. This will include screenshots of new maps, music (courtesy of JohnTheDreamer), gameplay videos, and new trailers. Hopefully this blog will serve as a place for people to come to in order to see progress and discuss as well. Look forward to new content soon!


8 thoughts on “Patch 1.0 Teaser & Update on Site

  1. sugestion: when the bow is selected, the arrow type is being switched for choose another type, ex. normal arrow, change with d-pad left and you choose explosive arows and switch again for light, ice and fire arrow, switch with d-pad right for backward process from fire to normal arrow

    hookable and controlled remote bombchus using the d-pad

    collaborate with modders and put the izou zelda and project beta triforce levels and don´t forget port Majoras mask elements and enemies

  2. nice! I’ve been wanting Nintendo to release more games with the OoT engine for forever. This looks like exactly what I’ve been wanting.

  3. I love how vast everything looks! I hope the world is not closed in by forests or mountains but water instead, it would be nice if it was on a large island. Hope the triforce will be obtainable too! Great work friend!

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