Happy Halloween! 3Q Patch 0.5 Release

After months of concentrated development, we release to you the first playable version of Third Quest. After years of background development, we honed our capabilities and crafted the work now in your hands. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the fruit of our labors for what it is, and know — this is just the beginning. Peace be with you and Happy Halloween!

If your ROM ends with .z64 – Click Here!

If your ROM ends with .n64 – Click Here!

Do not use 1.0 – 1.2, use the debug version!

Use PPF-o-Matic to patch your ROM. The ISO file will be the ROM, and the patch file will be the .ppf provided. The recommended emulator is Project 64 with Glide64 “Napalm” plugin (Click Here!). The game may still be playable without the recommended program and plugin, but may also run into errors. Make sure to set the ROM settings to allow for 8 MB of RAM, or the game will not start. If you run into a problem where your screen becomes black after opening the start menu, please try another version of PJ 64 or another emulator.

– The 3Q Team


14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! 3Q Patch 0.5 Release

  1. Hi !

    I was really excited to test this map, and as soon as I played it, it found it really good and really pleasant to walk around in. The 2 outdoor scenes are pretty and really well-designed.

    However, I have something to say about the Temple.
    The positive point is that the Temple is well-designed in terms of immersion. I had the feeling of being in a real old temple destroyed by time and nature. I particularly like missing stairs and tunnels.
    The negative point is about the enigmas. Even if all the enigmas are separatly really well-thought, I think that the temple as a unit is a bit too linear and there is not enough choices to make between the rooms. There is not a big enigma that link the different rooms, like is Ruto in Jabu-Jabu, the Poes in the Forest Temple, or even the water level in the Water Temple ^^ For me, a good temple is a temple that is itself an enigma. I don’t think this problem is a big issue as long as this Temple will be the only one to be that linear. It’s just a hint for the next Temples you will make (if they’re not made yet, of course).

    All in all, my advice would be to make next Temples less linear.

    Hope it helps, and good continuation ! This project is the best project I’ve ever seen around OOT universe ! I will be one of the first to download it as soon as the final version will be released !

  2. Hi first off let me say this project is beautiful! Seeing my favorite game recreated like this just brings me so much excitment! The only problem I had was whenever I go in that tree in dreadgulch the game locks up? Is that where the first temple is? I have all the settings correct I dunno what’s wrong. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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  4. the project was very good. the game works in n64oid emulator (for Android) and it worked fine but when it comes to locking dungeon. I’m sorry if you have errors in writing because I am Brazilian. thanks for listening and keep up the good work

  5. I have an issue. When I attempt to enter the “Dungeon” in Dread Gulch, it freezes and black screens permanently no matter what I do. Could you perhaps tell me what could be causing this problem?

  6. The problem is with demos you get sucked in and end up not caring when the actual release hits. I hope the length to this is decent as this by far is the best mod I have played. I hope others besides myself would be willing to donate for the effort in this project. Ive searched everywhere and this is pretty low key imo and would love for some more updates asap. Amazing job to the team working on this I hope you guys finish this project.

    • The same thing happened to me. It gets all black as soon as I enter the tree in Dread Gulch…
      That sucks, but, the overall thing is awesome!

  7. The dungeon setups are way to forwarded its like u do this 1 then 2 then 3 there is no puzzle element into it at all.
    Extreme long walks , It doesnt bring anything new except a new environment its just the same game like an added desert.
    Allot of stretched textures – Bad Geometry and the lowered quality doesnt help much either 😦

    The idea is fine the excecution just isn’t there or atleast not yet.

  8. Hi. Can someone so kind could spend your capture settings for this ROM? I tried everything always gives me fail to start . I tested the plugin Napalm , about the 8MB … sure there are some detail that escapes me … Thanks .

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  10. The instructions aren’t clear.. what to patch TO? I’m guessing patch your file “Pumpkin_Patch_05.ppf” to the original ocarina of time rom downloaded from another site “Legend of Zelda, The – Ocarina of Time (U) (V1.2) [!].z64” which i have.. Then final result looks like a playable file.. but when i run it it just errors on start.

  11. I tested with several versions and PJ 64 and nothing, I followed his steps and always leaves me “In a permanent loop That can not be excited. Emulation will now stop stop. Verify ROM and ROM Settings.” Since you do not, you could make an explanation with images or a simple video, sorry for this, but I really want to play Patch is great. Greetings.

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