2015 – A Closing Statement

Well, it’s the end of 2015. It’s been a very important year for Third Quest. Our team doubled in size, adopting Melon, Ideka, and John. We released trailers, teasers, and a demo. We’ve created and assembled more work than ever before – and the best at that. Our demo showed a sliver of a much larger world, and we have not faltered in realizing it. We now have ⅔ of the Third Quest world in development and we stand strong in our resolve to bring this work to life, for the fans, for Nintendo, for The Legend of Zelda. Friends, we are doing well. We are creating a power fantastic. We are bold, we are daring, we have the creative expertise and commitment of CDi-Fails, Sanguinettimods, Melonspeedruns, Ideka, and JohnTheDreamer, and myself, and we will persevere. Let us be triumphant in our effort to create. To our fans, thank you for following us – this is for you.

3Q_NewYear_00 3Q_NewYear_013Q_NewYear_023Q_NewYear_033Q_NewYear_04

I believe in you all, and I believe in Third Quest – and I wish you a happy new year.



16 thoughts on “2015 – A Closing Statement

  1. All of you’a did your best at this and’a me see how it turned out so far. Thank you, 3rd Quest Team, for all that you’ve’a done!

    To help out a bit’a with giving some ideas for your main theme of the game, I have a link of a writer that delved deep into the core of te Zelda franchise. It will definitely help out a bit if it can:


    I apologize if I already sent out this’a link in the past, but, all-in-all, best’a luck to all of you for the next year!

  2. I really like what I see in the screenshots. It seems like this zelda will be darker than oot and majora, and I really like that idea. That mansion in the last screenshot looks like the one from Resident Evil; maybe it will be full of redeads too? xD Amazing job 😉

  3. The only really promising one seems to be picture 2 which doesnt have as many texture errors as the other ones.

    The first picture has allot of stretched textures and open lines which in my opinion after all this time u should’ve known about and fixed. Make sure you always include the smoothing groups of the model and also repeating 1 texture over and over again wont make u have the result u’r probably looking for, besides that i hope u guys get to make something worth playing as the first demo was really boring and long it had some good stuff but the dungeon for example it took more time walking stairs then doing puzzles. It was really 1-2-3 based where u just knew what to do without really a good basic thought behind it about how a dungeon should be.

    Much luck with the development atleast some people are trying ^^

  4. hello,
    I am a mainly c++ developer and would greatly help you doing this project. If your are interested contact me by e-mail

    • Hello! Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, C++ is an uninvolved language and you would instead need to know C and MIPS ASM. If you’re capable with these languages, perhaps we can talk. Otherwise, again, thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to help. Please look forward to future updates.

      • En plus tu parle francais du coup ca aurais été cool. But I continue in english as I am not sure about what I say. I made c before c++ but never made MIPS so maybe will look a bit about MIPS . But my current priority is more about improoving and procticing my opengl. But thank you for your reply and thanks for this great project

  5. This is sooo cool, but the site needs more info i mean for people like me that dont know what this is about… 3rd quest? There is a 2nd quest or something?…where you can play it, etc…

  6. I’m definitely interested, and can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the future with this project. Hoping to see some good results!

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