Beguna Valley

Beguna Valley. Where it all began. Legend has it an ancient hero first stepped foot in this land through this valley, and since that hero’s journey, a giant tree has grown in place of their arrival as a commemorative effort of the planet to siphon the spiritual footprint beset by this legend to climb the skies and beacon the lost souls throughout the land, as if figuratively saying, “come”. Few have climbed this tree for entrance is but the oddest of means, but rumor has it an esoteric people live in the canopy and behold a treasure worth parting with if a person true of heart were to show them the light that seems to be leaving this land. Will you be their hero?

Beguna Valley borders Grim Cove to the east, the Fairy Woods in the north, and the Spirit River in the west. Be at peace as you walk the valley’s grass.