All patches on this page are to be applied to the Debug Version only.

Demo Patch 0.5:
.z64 Patch
.n64 Patch

Instructions: Use PPF-o-Matic to patch your ROM. The ISO file will be the ROM, and the patch file will be the .ppf provided. For Demo Patch 0.5, the recommended configuration is Project 64 with Glide64 “Napalm” plugin (… ). The game may still be playable without the recommended program and plugin, but may also run into errors. If you run into a problem where your screen becomes black after opening the start menu, please try another version of PJ 64 or another emulator. For later patches, the recommended configuration is Project64 with GLideN64. Make sure to set the ROM settings to allow for 8 MB of RAM, or the game will not start.