Dread Gulch

Dread Gulch is the drained remains of an ancient lake. Ruins rim the bowl of mud with standing pools lightly fed from the winding river and the castle sewers of the looming Lakeside Laboratory, a Vire citadel built in the center of the once-lake, a figurative dam that siphons and taints the waters of this dying canyon, dividing Dread Gulch from its sister wetland Nightmire. Centered in the lake is an island home to a wicked tree whose maw terrifies those who approach, warding would-be-doers from entering into the depths of the Earth Labyrinth. South of Dread Gulch is a stream that leads to the lush and stormy Rainwind Jungle, a seaside rainforest whose aqueousity blends between the freshly polluted gulch water, the calm salts of the quiet sea, and the torrential, infinite downpour of the skies above, while its northern clifftop path leads to the central Pumpkin Field.