Fire Highlands

The Fire Highlands were once home to a valley tribe that lived at the base of Death Mountain. In time, their home was taken by The Vire and refined into the cusp of a great mining facility, The Hydroworks, pumping and diverting both the flow of lava and water from the mountain. All that remains is the magmatic scar that was once a fertile basin. The grass here is fire-resistant and said to be used in artesian works the likes of basketry and fabrics. Riddled with fiends, the Fire Highlands has become a dangerous place, but it houses the ruin of a tower said to be the origin of modern civilization. The Fire Highlands connect with the Pumpkin Field to the south, the Ice Vale through the aforementioned facility, and with the northern extension of Death Mountain’s fiery scourge, a great canyon cast in eternal night: The Nocturne.