Nightmire is a haunted bog, a flooded ruin and a reminder of what happens to history when The Vire build in your land. It is located on the western side of the Lakeside Laboratory, the great castle dam of the drained lake, dividing this swamp from the eastern Dread Gulch. Through its western gate you will find yourself in Varden Vale, a pit of ruin, overgrown fungus, and Spirit Plasma. Following the Great Train Tracks to the north leads you to the ashen and crystalline Orozen Desert. Over the southern hillside, you will find yourself in the Fairy Woods and The Lakeside Laboratory can be accessed across its moat bridge in the east. Nightmire was once known as the Hallowed Battlefield, for it hosted a historical battle against The Vire where a Holy Knight led an assault on the fortress, but to no avail – he and his troop were slaughtered, the hatred in their blood tainting the water and soil for years. Corruptions of their souls and remains have risen as Poes and Vire Ghouls that stalk the mire awaiting fresh life.