Rainwind Jungle

A tropical valley of lush greens, algaed rock, and torrential, constant rain. Rainwind Jungle is a beautiful soliloquy of peace cornered away from most of the world. It is home to only those wild, and leads to the grand island temple Turtle Rock, home to refugees from the mined and refined Death Mountain in the far north. Some say it is the concentration of the Moon’s alignment with the Earth that at this point, stirs a constant storm above this area of land. Rainwind Jungle collects freshwater from the northwest via Dread Gulch, leads to the drifter’s port of Barricade Beach in the north, and to the elusive Grim Cove in the southwest, where it shares the adjoint Bubble Lagoon. Proper passage through Rainwind Jungle requires use of special tools, as weathering keeps the torches extinguished and pathways blocked by toppled boulders. Beware the Dodongos and Peahats, for in the thick of the mist will they emerge to feast upon weary travelers!